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Quiet Quitting? Or Simply Doing Their Job? See what I think in this piece on quiet quitting versus setting boundaries.
Don't start a business with a spouse or partner before reading this Incfile article that shares some of my thoughts from working with many coupled clients. 
Check out my advice on articles about Working From Home, 5 Ways to Deal With Colleagues Who Drive You Nuts as well as Issues You Should NOT Bring to HR! Fast Company shares my advice on Saying No To Your Boss and 5 Unproductive Thoughts About Work That You Need to Stop Right Now. Additionally, U.S. News and World quotes me on what to look out for in s
tarting your own business, Money magazine quotes me on the value of note-taking at work, and NCR Silver has my thoughts on Ways You're Demotivating Your Employees!

Read my opinions from the blog on: Asking Someone to Be Your MentorHow to Develop a Great Relationship Between Recruiters and Hiring ManagersQuestions to Ask on a Company's View on Work Flexibility; Got Fired? Here's How to Talk About It In Job Interviews; 10 Career Experts Share Their #1 Piece of Job Search Advice; 9 Signs You Nailed the InterviewSigns a Company Will Be a Great Place to Work; How To Avoid a Bad Company Culture; Red Flags in the Interviewing Process; What To Look For In Offer Letters; How to Assess Company Culture in the Interviewing Process; Signs You're On Thin Ice at Work; Resume-Building Jobs; Signs You're Overthinking Things; and Reasons Why You Haven't Been Promoted. And click below to check out this two-minute YouTube video of me sharing my thoughts on Working With Millennials in the New World of Work from my class at Salem State Enterprise Center in February 2018!

Thank you to the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce for naming me one of the 2017 40 Under 40 award winners and the 2021 Navigator Award winner for services to the business community during Covid-19's early years!


Be sure you're using the latest I-9 form! All I-9s must be completed within three (3) days of hire. You must see original documentation, employer must complete Section 2, all I-9s kept separate from employee files in a secure location. Contact us with questions- there are stiff (and increasing) fines for improper I-9s! If you'd like to start using the online E-Verify system, just ask!

Minimum Wage Increases take hold on January 1 in many states, including Massachusetts (which has now hit $15 per hour)! Be sure you are making that increase for any minimum-wage-paid employees, including Temporary employees, summer or seasonal employees and paid interns. Un-paid interns should be rare and must pass a 6-point test to determine their eligibility for unpaid work (primarily college students getting credit for school). Do not add un-paid interns without reviewing with me or your employment lawyer!


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