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​Is your current HR provider a call center? Are you trawling the internet looking for HR laws? Bad experiences with big-company consultants who didn't listen to you or left you with a giant binder rather than real solutions? Want industry-leading HR help without the pricetag that giant companies spend on HR? 

Contact us today for a free assessment!

21Oak HR Consulting, LLC specializes in HR services for small businesses, non-profits and start-ups without experienced and credentialed HR staff. We also provide speaking and teambuilding experiences for businesses of all sizes.

Ask yourself: Could your business survive a Department of Labor audit? Are your managers getting the most from their employees- or are they putting you in jeopardy of a costly lawsuit? Are you hiring employees that quit after a short time? Are you leaving your HR to a trusted Office Manager but not giving her the tools that a professional HR Manager has access to? 21Oak HR Consulting can help you stay ahead of the curve by providing both proactive and just-in-time solutions to your people challenges. 


Some of our many services include:


  • Covid-19 Issues (including FFCRA, CARES ACT, PPP, 
    Vaccination in the Workplace, Testing Policies)

  • HR Practices Compliance Audit

  • Exempt/Non-Exempt Job Title Analysis

  • State Paid Family Medical Leave assistance (MA, NH, RI, NY, NJ, CA)

  • Mass Equal Pay Law Audits

  • Office Staff Training in Basic HR procedures

  • Employee Handbook creation and existing handbook review for compliance and updates

  • Improved Job Descriptions

  • Interviewing Training

  • Candidate Screening/Interviewing/Offer Letters

  • Performance Management Processes

  • On-boarding Programs

  • Employee Retention Strategies

  • Succession Planning

  • Manager Training

  • Anti-Harassment Training

  • Teambuilding

  • Employee Relations Support (including discipline, employee issues and terminations)

  • Career Development

  • HR Due Diligence

  • Transition Planning for M&A

  • Solutions to your unique HR needs.


We also offer training support to larger organizations, including our Trust, Respect, Empathy (TRE) Training for teambuilding. Our goal is to be sure you have the Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Skills.

21Oak HR provides experienced DiSC assessment facilitation for businesses of all sizes.

The DiSC is a wonderful tool for teambuilding, customer focus improvement training, internal manager training and development and for gaining personal insight into your own and others' work and communication styles. Jill has provided hundreds of hours of DiSC training with groups from five to 40 people and is experienced in facilitating and keeping team members engaged and challenged!

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